Aspects méthodologiques



MediCIS activities concern the development of new information science algorithms dedicated to the study of modeling approaches for model guided surgery and interventions.

General Methodological Objectives

Our objective is to study methods for modelling and analysis surgical and interventional knowledge and processes allowing the development of a new generation of computer assisted surgical (CAS) systems with full decision-making support. In this context, we are addressing the general problems of conception of the surgical room of the future. We address the issue of modelling through two complementary approaches: numeric with data fusion inspired approaches and symbolic with conceptual modelling and formal ontologies.

General Application Domains

Main clinical applications are on cranial and spinal surgery with special focus on functional neurosurgery (such as Deep Brain Stimulation), surgery of brain tumors, spinal surgery, and interventional neuroradiolog Image Guided Neurosurgery through the integration of new intra-operative sensors and the semantic modeling of surgical procedures. More generally, our application objectives concern epilepsy, neuro-degenerative brain diseases, brain vascular diseases, Deep Brain Stimulation, and tumor surgery.